ZIV SMART GRID solutions

A leader in SMART GRID Solutions with a unique mix of knowledge in protection, control, communication and metering technologies

A company that innovates to support customers in achieving their new business objectives by offering a complete portfolio of solutions born from experience and an extensive vision of the grid. Equipment, Systems and Services for Generation, T&D Utilities & Industry.

ZIV contributes to the development of sustainable networks with integrated solutions for:

  1. Substation Automation Systems
  2. Distribution Automation Solutions
  3. Metering Solutions

A complete portfolio of  solutions,  born from experience and an extensive vision of the grid:  Corporate Book download

15 customer support centers

ZIV participates as an active member of several technical fora and standards committees

Standard based solutions


ZIV Substation Automation Systems (+)

ZIV counts with a vast experience as provider of substation automation solutions using integrated protection and control systems, integrating legacy and modern standards such as IEC 61850.

ZIV telecom solutions make possible the integration of all the available automation functions, enable communications between substations, control centers and even allow data to be exchanged between different distribution load centers.

Our Customer support centers provide engineering services based on experience and latest tecnhology to optimize the cost and resources of every single project. Cost-effective services based on:

  • Well experienced protection, automation and communication engineers.
  • A full range of products with in-house developed technology.
  • Dedicated R&D & Application resources to fully support the products.
  • A total commitment to customer satisfaction.

1_SAS products data sheet download

ZIV Distribution Automation Solutions (+)

Improved MV and LV network automation solutions are necessary to face the constraints introduced by the increased amount of DER, to reduce energy losses and to maintain or increase the quality of supply.

Smart grids improve stability and security of electricity supply, in this new scenario in which the grid no longer has a unidirectional flow from generation to transmission to distribution to consumption

ZIV Distribution Automation Solutions are organized in 3 categories:

  • MV Automation Solutions: RTUS, multifunction devices and sensors
  • LV supervision systems
  • Communication Solutions.

2_DAS products data sheet download

ZIV Metering Solutions (+)

ZIV is a Global leader in Urban + Rural Solutions that produces Smart meters for the benefit of consumers and DSOs generating hundreds of direct & indirect jobs in our communities. ZIV´s agile manufacturing system is based on the subcontracting of non value added processes based on product specifications developed in the company. The range of  EV charging solutions integrate ZIV own technology in control, communications and measuring systems.

Most Distribution Network Operators worldwide are modernizing their distribution grids for improving network management, energy efficiency and demand response. In many countries, there are legislative and regulatory incentives to promote Smart Metering as well as a public and technical driving forces. Not only grid operators can improve their operational processes. Suppliers, energy service companies and customers will also benefit from the availability of data and the possibility to manage aggregated load profiles.

ZIV Metering Solutions are organized in 4 product categories:

  • Meters
  • DCUs
  • Cabinets and accesories
  • Electric Vehicle charging solutions

3_METERS products data sheet download




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