Quality, Environment and Health & Safety

CG Automation team of professionals has a permanent spirit of collaboration and commitment to continuous improvement, as expressed in the Company Policies.

Declaration of Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Policy

CG Automation aims to be increasingly efficient, offer better products and services and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

CG Automation is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions to its employees worldwide.

All team members are highly compromised to supply their customers with products and services exceeding the market standards on quality and features while providing useful innovations.

Such spirit is reflected in annual plans with defined actions along with the required control procedures and metrics to follow up. The loyalty to this commitment is the path to achieve total quality in all our activities, to secure market leadership, and to attain the profitability that guarantees the future of the company.

CG Automation is committed to comply with environmental legal requirements and regulations, plus additional self imposed requirements related to our specific operations.


Products and solutions are designed and manufactured in several specialized facilities.

SiteLegal EntityDownload Certificates
BU Corporate ServicesZIV Aplicaciones y Tecnología. S.L
Parque Tecnológico, 210 

48080 Bilbao - Spain 

T: +34 94 4522003

F: +34 94 452 2140
Protection and control IEDs and Systems

Parque Tecnológico, 210 

48080 Bilbao - Spain 

T: +34 94 4522003

F: +34 94 452 2140
Communication Products and Systems ZIV COMMUNICATIONS DIMAT

C/ Antonio Machado 78-80 Planta Baixa

Viladecans Business Park

Edifici Austràlia

08840 Viladecans (España)

T: +34 93 349 07 00

F: +34 93 349 22 58
Metering Solutions
Parque Tecnológico, 210
48080 Bilbao – Spain
T: +34 94 4522003

F: +34 94 452 2140
Monitoring, automation and control systems CG Automation Systems Ireland Ltd
Herbert House. Harmony Road.
Dublin 2.
T: +353 1 415 3700

F: +353 1 678 7913

CG Automation Systems UK Ltd.
Unit F Network Centre, Jarrow
Tyne & Wear NE31 1 SF
United Kingdom
T: + 44 191 425 5200
T: + 44 191 425 5202
Smartgrid Solutions for G3 PLC MarketCG Automation in Grenoble
22 - Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
38600 Fontaine
T: +33 (0) 7 82 06 84 22
Smartgrid Solutions for the Indian MarketCG Automation Bangalore
Global Village Tech Pacr, DRC
RVCE Post, Mylasandra, Ground Floor
560 059
T: +91 811041 3465
F: +91 811041 3430
tuv sud
Smartgrid Solutions for the Brazilian MarketZIV do Brasil Ltd.
Rua Visconde de Itaborai, 74
Ponta da Areia – Niterói
RJ – CEP: 24030 -091
T: +55 21 36028511
F: +55 21 36028515


Technically qualified personnel provides both preventive and corrective maintenance to the complete product range.

Service is provided by specialized teams in the different regions. Assistance is provided on a permanent basis (24 hours /365 days): + 34 94 452 2003

Information: ziv@zivautomation.com

Substation Automation Systems: sas@zivautomation.com

Distribution Automation Solutions: das@zivautomation.com

Meters & AMI: meters@zivautomation.com

Human Resources: hr@zivautomation.com

Webmaster: webmaster@zivautomation.com

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