ZIV´s  new generation of Protection, Control and Communication IEDs for HV& MV  Systems

  • Complete and reliable solutions for power transmission and distribution systems.
  • A wide range of powerful IEDs managed by one common user-friendly tool.
  • Designed to meet the most demanding requirements in each application field

ZIV e-NET suite  PDF download:

ZIV e-NET xcell

Monitoring and Control for HV & MV Power Systems

ZIV e-NET flex

Modular, Adaptable, Cybersecure protection for HV Power Systems

ZIV e-NET compact

Compact Multifunction Protections for Industry & MV Power Systems. Read more

ZIV e-NET self

Self powered protections

ZIV e-NET comms

Ethernet Gigabit Substation Switch. Red more

ZIV e-NET tool

One tool for all IEDs & Systems. Read more

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