ZIV e-NET compact | IRL-F model: Feeder Protection Relay

Multifunction Protection for MV Power Systems & Industry

Compact Feeder Multifunction solution for MV switchgears, with Load Shedding Function to ensure the stability of the systems, Back-Up performing capability in HV lines and powerful built-in Control Logic Module.

Protection Functions:

50/51 – Phase O/C.
50N/51N – Neutral O/C.
50G/51G G- round O/C.
50Ns/51Ns – Sensitive Ground O/C.
50Q/51Q – Negative Sequence O/C.
51Ni/c – Isolated / Compensated Neutral O/C.
67 – Phase Directional Units.
67N – Neutral Directional Units.
67G – Ground Directional Units.
67P/Q – Neg/Pos. Sequence Directional Units.
67Ns – Sensitive Neutral Directional Units.
67Ni/c – Isolated/Compensated Neutral Directional.
85 – Teleprotection Schemes.
50V/51V – Voltage Dependent Phase O/C.
59/27 – Phase Over/Under Voltage.
47 – Negative Sequence Overvoltage.
59N – Neutral Overvoltage.
81M/m – Over/Underfrequency.
81ROC – Frequency Rate of Change.
78 Out-of-Step Tripping.
59V/Hz Over-excitation Unit.
87N – REF Protection.
50/62BF – Breaker Failure Protection.
25 – Synchronism Check Unit.
79 Three-Phase Recloser.
60CT/VT – CT and VT Supervision.
3 – Trip Coil Supervision.
2 – Pole Discrepancy Detector.
32P/Q – Directional Power (Active/Reactive).
46 – Open Phase Detector.
37 – Phase Undercurrent.
49 – Thermal Image.

See Model Selection Table for IRL-F Models



Instructions Manual: BIRL1611Fv01 Quick Start Guide: IIRLI1611Fv01 Product Catalogue: FIRLI1512D Product Flyer: HIRLI1602E
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