IRV – Bay Control and Breaker Management Unit

Integrated Solution for Control, Monitoring and Protection for Simple or Double Breaker Bays

Main Features:

  • Breaker Failure Protection.
  • Recloser designed to control one or two breakers.
  • Synchrocheck functions.
  • Breaker Supervision.
  • Open Pole Detector and Pole discrepancy.
  • Trip Circuit Supervision:  up to 6 breaker’s switching circuits for both positions (open or close).
  • Programmable Logic.
  • Versatility in communications.
  • Event Recording and Programmable Metering Data Logging.
  • Historical Metering Data Logging.
  • DC Power Monitoring.
  • Alphanumeric and configurable Mimic HMI.
  • Backup protection functions (overcurrent, voltage, frequency, …)



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