Substation central unit IEC61850 CPT

The CPT can operate as a Substation Central Unit or as a RTU, solving the communications and data management of substation protection, control, and metering IEDs. The CPT design allows the operation as a client or as a server, in installations with communications architecture based on IEC61850 standard, where protection, control and metering IEDs are linked via Ethernet. The CPT eases the migration process towards advance substation automation systems, allowing the integration of the new communications standards into the existing installations.


  • Substation central unit + web HMI
  • RTU Function
  • A + B Function
  • GATEWAY Function
  • Configuration server function
  • A + E Function
  • C + E Function


  • Substation IEC61850 client, managing communications with different distributed protection, control and metering relays.
  • IEC61850 server, with the corresponding data models and services, including GOOSEs.
  • Module for the system central automation and programmable logic operation.
  • Management of communications with higher levels (Scada).
  • Management of local and remote communications with ZIVerdesk HMI.
  • Generation of real time databases of all substation variables: alarms, metering, status, counters, etc.
  • Substation configuration management module in charge of updating SCD file as a function of the CID files of the associated IEDs.
  • FTP server.
  • Time synchronization protocol SNTP Client/Server service.
  • Redundant operating modes.


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