MV Supervision and Automation

The introduction of Smart Grid into the medium voltage distribution grid for automation and supervision purposes has made necessary to develop new solutions to address the evolving requirements of the grid. CG Automation has, among its solutions, a reliable Intelligent Control System for Ring Main Units. It provides new services and value added functions which will enable a better grid operation, and more efficient business management. The applications targeted by the Intelligent Control System, can be split into 2 groups:

  • Supervision and monitoring solution with directional fault detection and indication for MV networks.
  • Complete solution to MV grid automation.

Key features

  • Local and remote control.
  • Directional fault detection and indication.
  • Reduction of response time to faults, thus improving customer services.
  • Power supply/battery management, monitoring.
  • Power quality measurements and supervision.
  • Secondary substation alarm monitoring.
  • Communication protocols: IEC 104 S, DNP3.0 (M/S), DNP 3.0  IP(M/S), Modbus (M/S), others.
  • Secure communication.
  • Web, WS and Workbench configuration .


  • Improve the management of distribution facilities.
  • Improve the reliability and availability of the network.
  • Increase the capacity and energy efficiency of the grid.
  • Fast and accurate fault location in medium voltage grids.
  • A total view of the grid.
  • Improve the IEEE reliability index: SAIFI and SAIDI.
  • Quick and trouble free installation.
  • Modular solutions adapted to the different Ring Main Unit schemes and manufacturers.
  • Fully tested, configured and assembled in factory.

Case related

Automation solution cabinets for WPD  Soft Intertripping System (SIS).

The purpose of the SIS is to provide both Remote (from SCADA) and Automatic (Local) control of a Generating Unit depending on the voltage conditions of the MV Network, monitored by a centralised system. CG’s automation solution for SIS consists of smart cabinet containing a USP 2.0 RTU and a BCC battery charger.


CG provide project management and in situ supervision that allows the maximum resource efficiency, fast problem resolution, performance optimization as well as effective support for the utility’s operating team. CG works with a team of expert engineers that offer solutions to all the requirements during commissioning, as well as technical assistance during the warranty period. Our qualified technicians know the specific requirements for each product and application. They will share technical knowledge with the staff through training courses.



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