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Most Distribution Network Operators worldwide are modernizing their distribution grids for improving network management, energy efficiency and demand response. In many countries, there are legislative and regulatory incentives to promote Smart Metering as well as a public and technical driving forces. Not only grid operators can improve their operational processes. Suppliers, energy service companies and customers will also benefit from the availability of data and the possibility to manage aggregated load profiles. Smart Metering systems offer many options and capabilities that were not possible with traditional meters. These range from remote load shedding and meter reading to time of use tariffs and power quality measurement. Depending on the technical functionality or grid characteristics, different communication architectures may be required. To ensure interoperability between different players and applications, the use of existing open standards is recommended.

ZIV AMI Solutions

A broad range of smart metering equipment from single phase meters for residential use up to sophisticated and accurate high precision meters for large consumers, in addition to all the necessary communication devices to enable Automatic Meter Management.

  • AMI Over PLC
  • Radio Solutions
  • PLC & Radio
  • Multi-utility systems
  • Line and phase detection
  • Customized cabinet integration

Case related:

ZIV Smart Meters and DCUs for GAS NATURAL FENOSA´s SMARTGRIDs deployment

CG Automation has supplied ZIV smart meters to the Spanish utility Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF)  , covering a large part of their demand for domestic meters so far.  CG Automation has also provided Data Concentrator Units. ZIV’s 4CTT model, is nowadays the reference DCU in the market after becoming the first model certified by the PRIME alliance and having proven a robust performance onsite.



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