Distributed Generation Integration – ANM

The exponential increase in the adoption of Distributed Energy Generation such as Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind has introduced significant challenges for DNOs when it comes to the control of network voltages and power flows at all voltage levels on their network. At times and when network conditions dictate, Generators are constrained. This results in inefficiencies in operation as well as lost generation.

The Genesis family of Generation Management Controllers have been developed by ZIV (CG Automation)  in response to industry demand for the intelligent management and control of Distributed Generation.

Genesis Controllers provide localised independent control of Distributed Generators in response to real time changes both at a local site level and to the network. The Generation controller provides a greater degree of control over both the constraint level and constraint type applied to a particular generator. It also allows for the Distributed Generator to operate in a number of alternative modes assisting the DNO to optimise the management of their network.

Genesis Generation Management Controllers from CG Automation allow the DNO to help optimise their network usage whilst assisting Distributed Generators to Maximise their Generation Capacity.

The Controllers can be totally standalone or easily integrated into an Active Network Management System. The Genesis Family of Controllers are modular compact Controllers providing a very cost effective solution for localised control of Distributed Generators.

Case related

An Advance Network Management System to Integrate Distributed Generation in ESB (Ireland)

The challenge:

To provide a control system that:

  • allows control of windfarms export by the utilities to provide the necessary voltage support whilst respecting the networks voltage and thermal constraints.
  • to monitor analogue and digital values from specific points, and make decisions  on the network  to determine if the connected distributed generation power stations are allowed to generate at full capacity or to be constrained

The solution

  • To provide an ANM  schemes, based on communications if required, with centralized or distributed architectures,  to manage the power flow on the network.

The case: Cauteen 110Kv substation

  • Four substations connected together with a distributed ANM system to control the amount of the VAR exported parallel into the TSO (EIRGRID) as well as the DNO (ESB) systems.
  • Power flow control systems in more than 200 points in NPG (Northern power Grid) and WPD (West Power Districts )in the UK. Several locations were the power flow in Wind and Solar farms are connected to these two DNO systems.

The described system has allowed our client ESB (Ireland)  to accelerate the integration of Distributed Generation sites onto their distribution network whilst managing the impact that this additional generation has on network operations.



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