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ZIV is a Global leader in Urban + Rural Solutions that produces Smart meters for the benefit of consumers and DSOs generating hundreds of direct & indirect jobs in our communities.

ZIV´s agile manufacturing system is based on the subcontracting of non value added processes based on product specifications developed in the company. The range of  EV charging solutions integrate ZIV own technology in control, communications and measuring systems.

Most Distribution Network Operators worldwide are modernizing their distribution grids for improving network management, energy efficiency and demand response. In many countries, there are legislative and regulatory incentives to promote Smart Metering as well as a public and technical driving forces. Not only grid operators can improve their operational processes. Suppliers, energy service companies and customers will also benefit from the availability of data and the possibility to manage aggregated load profiles.

Smart Meters

Smart Metering systems offer many options and capabilities that were not possible with traditional meters. These range from remote load shedding and meter reading to time of use tariffs and power quality measurement. Depending on the technical functionality or grid characteristics, different communication architectures may be required. To ensure interoperability between different players and applications, the use of existing open standards is recommended.


A broad range of smart metering equipment from single phase meters for residential use up to sophisticated and accurate high precision meters for large consumers, in addition to all the necessary communication devices to enable Automatic Meter Management.

  • AMI Over PLC
  • Radio Solutions
  • LTE 4G
  • Multi-utility systems
  • Customized cabinet integration


  • Flexible family of meters with a broad range of functions Smart meters integrate energy measurements, load profile and Time of Use (TOU) features, as well as local and remote communications capabilities.
  • Smart meters are automatically activated in the network and central MDM system (plug & play).
  • Breaking and reconnection elements for remote switching operation, power control and demand-side management. Utilities in charge of electricity, water and/or gas distribution can optimize their investments in an advanced metering infrastructure.
  • Data concentrators may include a built-in three-phase meter to monitor the LV section of the distribution transformer.
  • Standard protocols and interoperability
  • Tampering detection functions.
  • Flexibility, designed to fit your needs.
  • ZIV owns the technology embedded in the AMI products
  • Advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Efficient data transfer optimized for communications over noisy lines.
  • Compact, easy-to-install and ruggedized devices.


ZIV DCUs include an advanced low voltage supervisor and Powerline Communication (PLC) controller with network monitoring functions, in addition to remote smart meter management functions.

Smart meter management

The main function of a Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is to continuously poll the metering devices connected to the same secondary substation where it is connected. The retrieved meter data is stored in the DCU and periodically sent to the Management System.ZIV DCU model implements identification and removal of meters (plug and play), supervision and control, synchronization of meters, programmable tasks, and many other functions.

PLC communications controller

They implement protocols widely accepted in smart metering such as DLMS to carry readings and web services to communicate with the utility MDM frontend.

Network monitoring

The low voltage supervision function is performed by an internal three-phase energy meter, monitoring the secondary of the distribution transformer. 4CCT offers easy interaction with this meter, similar to the other meters in the network.

Other functionalities

Remote firmware upgrade, WEB/CLI configuration, connection to ZIV AMI MANAGER debugging tool, NTP synchronization, hardware watchdog, SNMP management, access control.


Product and Solution evolution

ZIV meters - technology - evolution


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