IRF – Modular Feeder Protection (ZIV e-NET flex Platform)

The Latest Digital Technology in Protection, Control and Metering for Feeders and Machines

ZIV Model IRF guarantees protection, control, measurement and monitoring for a wide variety of applications: distribution feeders, transformers and generators, transmission line backup and BCU (bay control unit). The IRF is applicable in any substation scheme, from single / double bus, to ring-bus or breaker-and-a-half substations.
The IRF protection functions are suitable for any neutral configuration, solid-grounded, resistor-grounded, Petersen coil compensated, and isolated. Depending on the IRF model, it is applicable to three-pole and single-pole circuit breakers.

Key Features

  • Modularity and Flexibility. ZIV Model IRF have a completely modular design, allowing easy expansion of the HW without a FW update.
  • Control, Metering and Supervisory Functions. The IRF incorporates a powerful programmable logic engine that allows the user to implement the most advanced bay control configurations.
  • Large Number of Inputs / Outputs. The IRF includes up to 30 analog channels, 160 DI, and 70 DO.
  • Communications. The IRF incorporates two serial ports and up to four ethernet ports, including redundancy protocols such as Bonding, RSTP, PRP and HSR.
  • Native Process Bus. The analog channel modules included in the IED operate as Merging Units, sending samples to the CPU at 4800Hz (as per IEC61869-9), time stamped with an internal PPS synchronization signal.
  • Cybersecurity. The IRF incorporates the cybersecurity features required by the IEC 62351 and the IEEE 1686-2013 standards.
  • The IRF includes synchronization by IRIG-B, SNTP and PTP.
  • The IRF is available with alphanumeric display or with graphic display to include single-line diagrams and alarm annunciators, as well as any other information that the user may need.



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