Metering – Beyond AMI: LV Grid Operation

LV grid visibility can be improved by adding LV smart devices at specific grid locations.

Read more: “Metering International magazine: ISSUE 4 – front cover article, by Aitor Amezua, ZIV Distribution Atomation BU Development Manager

About ZIV  LV supervision solutions

Hybrid PRIME PLC & Radio Telecommunication Networks

Is the telecommunication network only for transporting the data generated by the smart electricity meters or should they think in a more generic telecommunication network that is deployed to convey additional services, such as telecontrol or automation data to be generated by a new generation of smart devices to be installed along the medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) grid?

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NEW - LTE 4G Smart Meter

5CTA – New ESMR5 smart meter with different telecommunication interfaces

  • An interface to communicate with the customer (wireline).
  • Wireless M-Bus communication to gather data from other meters (water, heat or gas meters)
  • LTE telecommunications to share information with the central system using the DLMS protocol.


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